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Infrastructure Inspections Are Hard

Conducting civil infrastructure inspections on a large scale poses numerous risks to individuals, equipment, and introduces potential for errors.

Manual Efforts

Civil inspections rely on inspectors to physically examine every part of the infrastructure.


Civil inspectors put themselves at risk during inspections.


Manual inspections rely on human visual inspection and judgment which can be inconsistent and inaccurate.


The labor and time required to complete civil inspections make them expensive.


The Solution

Autonomous Civil Infrastructure Inspections

InfraGuard Software

  • Advanced Camera: Precisely identifies surface irregularities.
  • A.I.: Processes data from 10 years of structural information.
  • LiDAR: Creates a detailed 3D map of the structure.
  • Infra-See Sensor: Detects steel cracks with 99% accuracy.
  • Structural Reporting: Generates a comprehensive 3D report for inspectors.

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Software 2

Seal Robot

  • Cost-effective: Achieving the same results at a fraction of the cost.
  • Lightning-fast: Completing tasks five times quicker than conventional methods.
  • Exceptional Accuracy: Maintaining a 99% precision rate in all operations.
  • Uninterrupted Operations: No disruption to traffic flow during implementation.
AIR Corp's SEAL robot with InfraGuard Software

Climbing Robot

  • The robot excels at navigating intricate shapes or structures, demonstrating a remarkable capability to conduct the required inspections with precision and efficiency.

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AIR Corp's 4wheel climbing robot with InfraGuard Software

A demand exists for a safer, cost-effective, and more accurate solution.

AIR Corp is set to debut as a cutting-edge software solution designed for bridge and dam inspections.

Over the next four years, our ambitious roadmap includes the introduction of a robotics platform tailored for both mining companies and the Department of Defense.

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Traction and Market Validation

We are very interested in a demonstration of a robotic inspection and UT scan of a representation portion of the Apollo Gantry. Potentially a follow-on for a complete UT survey if they initial demonstration goes well.
Steve Fehr, PE, PhD
Deputy Chief Engineer & Senior Safety Engineer | NASA Langley Research Center
The NDOT is very interested in innovative robotic technology to ease the burden of current bridge inspection practice. If AIR Corp. successfully develops its bridge inspection robots, we can use their inspection services and consider ordering robotic units for our bridge inspection program.
Michael Premo, PE
Asst. Chief Structures Engineer | Nevada Department of Transportation
We are happy to support AIR Corp's SBIR proposal. We will work with their interdisciplinary team to help establish any needed items for the testing and demonstration of their inspection robotic systems. We will also assist the testing of the prototype system, including robot deployment at bridge sites and data collection, and provide any inputs they need to make their project a success.
Genda Chen, PE, PhD
Professor and Robert W. Abbett Distinguished Chair in Civil Engineering | Missouri University of Science and Technology
I came across AIR Corp's robotic technology and was impressed by the automated inspection solution that the company can provide. The AIR Corp's developed robotic systems can certainly help solve some of the challenges with structure inspections. I hope that AIR Corp's SBIR proposal will be considered for funding to allow the company to fulfill its mission of providing an automated, safe, and efficient solution for aging infrastructure.
Max Lacroix, PE, PMP
Design Project Engineer, Structures & Bridges | The City of Calgary

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