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Our Purpose

In the heart of academic innovation at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), Dr. Jim La is leading a transformative journey at the intersection of technology and infrastructure safety. His dedication to advancing bridge inspection through artificial intelligence (AI) is not just about groundbreaking research from his Advanced Robotics and Automation Lab; it's about making a real-world impact.


Dr. La's Vision for AI in Bridge Safety

Dr. La's vision is all about commercializing the power of AI in ensuring the structural integrity of our vital bridges. At the forefront of this initiative is the "InfraGuard" software, developed by Dr. La and his team. This AI-powered 3D bridge inspection tool is poised to redefine industry standards, offering an efficient, accurate, and cost-effective solution for infrastructure management.

The focus on commercialization doesn't just end there. Dr. La's team is actively engaging with industry leaders, civil engineering firms, and government agencies to introduce this innovative technology to the market. With its potential to revolutionize the way we inspect and maintain bridges, InfraGuard is not just a research project—it's a game-changer.

The story of Dr. Jim La and his team at UNR is a testament to their commitment to creating a safer and more resilient infrastructure. As they bridge the gap between academia and industry, the legacy of their work is poised to shape the future of bridge inspection on a global scale.

Our Goals

In the realm of civil infrastructure safety, our goals at AIR Corp are clear and ambitious.

Revolutionizing Civil
Infrastructure Inspection

We aim to revolutionize civil infrastructure inspection by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data processing, enhancing accuracy, efficiency, and safety.

Innovative Solutions

Our commitment extends to translating research into real-world solutions, exemplified by our AI-powered 3D civil infrastructure inspection tool, InfraGuard.


Strengthening partnerships with industry leaders, civil engineering firms, and government agencies is a priority to ensure our innovations align with real-world needs.

Global Impact

Our goal is to make a global impact by introducing innovative solutions to civil infrastructure inspection challenges worldwide, contributing to new standards and practices.

Continuous Innovation

We are dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation, exploring new technologies and methodologies to stay at the forefront of the field.

Enhancing Infrastructure Resilience

At our core is the mission to contribute to the resilience of critical infrastructure, safeguarding communities, and fostering sustainable development.

Pioneering Progress

Transforming Civil Infrastructure Inspection for a Safer Tomorrow

Our collective effort, alongside collaborators and partners, propels us toward a future where advanced technologies transform civil infrastructure inspection and contribute to building safer, more resilient societies.

Our Missions

In the pursuit of advancing infrastructure safety and redefining the landscape of civil infrastructure inspection, our missions at AIR Corp, guided by the vision of Dr. Jim La, serve as our compass.

Innovation Through
AI Integration

Our primary mission is to spearhead innovation in civil infrastructure inspection by seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and cutting-edge data processing techniques. We strive to push the boundaries of traditional methods, introducing transformative technologies that elevate accuracy and efficiency in assessing structural integrity.

Commercialization for
Real-World Impact

A core mission is to translate our research excellence into tangible solutions. The commercialization of InfraGuard, our AI-powered 3D civil infrastructure inspection tool, exemplifies our commitment to making real-world impacts. We aim to provide industry-ready solutions that address the pressing challenges faced by infrastructure professionals.

Collaboration for
Practical Solutions

Collaboration is at the heart of our mission. We actively seek partnerships with industry leaders, civil engineering firms, and government agencies to ensure that our innovations are not only cutting-edge but also practical and aligned with the evolving needs of the infrastructure sector.

Global Influence
and Best Practices

Our mission extends beyond borders as we aspire to have a global influence. We aim to contribute to the establishment of new industry standards and best practices in civil infrastructure inspection. By sharing our expertise and innovative solutions, we seek to elevate the safety and efficiency of infrastructure on a global scale.

Continuous Research
and Development

The commitment to continuous improvement is ingrained in our mission. Through ongoing research and development initiatives, we strive to stay ahead of the curve, exploring emerging technologies and methodologies to maintain our position at the forefront of civil infrastructure inspection innovation.

Resilient Infrastructure for
Safer Communities

At the core of our missions is a dedication to enhancing the resilience of critical infrastructure. We believe in playing a pivotal role in safeguarding communities by ensuring that our innovations contribute to the longevity, safety, and sustainability of vital structures.

Visionary Missions

Revolutionizing Infrastructure Inspection for a Safer, Resilient Global Future

These missions collectively drive our endeavors, guiding us toward a future where advanced technologies not only redefine how we inspect bridges but also contribute to building safer, more resilient societies worldwide.

Why AIR Corp?

InfraGuard represents a revolutionary approach to civil infrastructure inspection, transcending the limitations of traditional methods and introducing a new era of accuracy, efficiency, and safety. Here's why we need InfraGuard for comprehensive civil infrastructure inspection:

Precision Across Infrastructure

InfraGuard employs advanced artificial intelligence and data processing to provide precise assessments across various civil infrastructures, ensuring a thorough and accurate understanding of structural health.

Efficiency in Evaluation

Manual inspections often result in time-consuming processes, leading to disruptions. InfraGuard streamlines inspections, leveraging AI for rapid data analysis, thereby reducing evaluation times and minimizing disruptions to infrastructure usage.

Holistic 3D Analysis

Offering a comprehensive 3D analysis, InfraGuard provides a nuanced understanding of entire structures beyond bridges. This holistic approach helps identify potential vulnerabilities that may be overlooked in traditional two-dimensional assessments.

Maintenance Strategies

InfraGuard facilitates proactive and targeted maintenance, contributing to cost-effective infrastructure management. By identifying and addressing issues early, it helps extend the lifespan of various civil structures.

Enhanced Risk
Mitigation and Safety

The advanced capabilities of InfraGuard contribute to improved risk mitigation strategies across diverse infrastructure types. Real-time identification of structural concerns enables timely preventive measures, enhancing overall safety and minimizing unforeseen failures.

Decision Making

Empowering decision-makers with data-driven insights, InfraGuard analyzes large datasets from various sensors. This facilitates informed decision-making for maintenance, repair, and resource allocation across a spectrum of civil infrastructure.

Standardization and Industry Best Practices

InfraGuard aspires to set new standards in civil infrastructure inspection practices. By introducing a systematic and technologically advanced approach, the software aims to become a benchmark for the industry, influencing best practices and contributing to the evolution of inspection standards.

Future-Proofing Infrastructure Management

In a rapidly advancing technological landscape, InfraGuard positions civil infrastructure inspection at the forefront of innovation. Its integration of AI and advanced data processing ensures that infrastructure management evolves with technology, future-proofing safety and resilience practices.


Transformative Excellence Across Civil Infrastructure

InfraGuard is not just a solution for bridges; it's a transformative force for the entire spectrum of civil infrastructure. It represents a pivotal step toward a more resilient, efficient, and technologically advanced future for the management of critical infrastructure assets.

Meet Our Leaders

Dr. Jim La | President & CTO | AIR Corp

Dr. Jim La

President & CTO
Marc Magarin | CSO, AIR Corp | Owner, Nevatio Engineering

Marc Magarin

Edward Little | Director of Operations | AIR Corp

Edward Little

Director of Operations
Cadence Motley | Developer | AIR Corp

Cadence Motley

  • Master's in Computer Science and Engineering, University of Nevada Reno
  • Robotic Engineer at Tesla/Panasonic 
An aerial view of a bridge that has collapsed.
AIR Corp's InfraGuard Software scan of walkway bridge.
Civil inspectors on top of bridge inspecting for damages with AIR Corp's advanced software technology.

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